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Is Keratin Repair Treatment Good For Fine Hair?

Published July 2, 2018 in Repair Treatment - 0 Comments

Having a beautiful, sleek, and maintained hair is one of the essential things among the women. Hair has the power to boost up your self-esteem, make you feel feminine and stunning again. While the rest of struggle with hair every day, only lucky ones can walk the earth unaffected.

However, if having a maintained hair is an issue for you, then it’s time to do something with your bird’s nest. For once, let’s rely on science and ditch home remedies. The beauty industry has evolved so much, and keratin treatment is another revolutionary procedure that can transform your hair.

What is keratin?

Keratin is one of the essential proteins naturally present in our hair. It doesn’t only contain keratin, but it’s also majorly constructed from keratin-associated proteins. It protects our hair and keeps it healthy.

However, due to exposure to harsh chemicals and external factors, the level of keratin decreases over the time. This loss causes hair to look dry, damaged and dull. So, in the last couple of years, women have been experimenting with keratin because it provides them healthy look.

What can keratin do?

Keratin is artificially added to your hair, and it offers smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair. Therefore, this treatment is quite popular among women. It fills porous spots in the follicle, which is caused due to a loss of keratin.

If your hair is overly-porous, then it will curl, tangle and break. Basically, this treatment should rebuild and repair your hair and put back the lost protein into your strands.

What to expect from this treatment?

The keratin treatment results in silky and smooth hair, but it gradually fades after a couple of months. This protein acts as a super strong deep conditioner. The result may vary, and it depends on hair structure. But it should give you less frizzy and easy to manage hair.

For instance, the person who has extremely curly hair might end up with less curly follicles. On the other hand, if you have a wavy hair, then keratin treatment should provide you with perfectly straight hair. It is all about getting a silky and smooth hair. However, the procedure will last only a couple of month, and you have to renew it.

The procedure is long and last up to four hours. It all depends on the length and structure of your hair. It is scientifically approved and people who have damaged hair, often resort to this treatment.

How to maintain hair after?

Once you complete treatment, it’s recommended to invest money in an excellent dry shampoo because you aren’t allowed to wash your hair for two days, or 48 hours. Even though your hair becomes manageable, there aren’t any significant changes in your hair care routine.

Hairdressers often suggest products that don’t contain sulfate because they prolong the effects of keratin. If you have any questions, then you should consult your hair stylists, after all, he knows your hair, and he will offer you the best advice.