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Top 10 Latest Ladies European Hairstyles Trends 2018-2019

Published March 10, 2018 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

Europeans like to play with colors, patterns, and shapes, but that’s because they have interesting colors and types of hair. From brown, cherry, ash brown to jet black and amber. They like to follow the trends, and consider a hairdresser one of the most important persons in their life.

People in Europe like class, they are fashion oriented and need to have a perfect hairstyle that will complement their appearance. If you want to step outside of the box and try something different, then we think you should try european haircuts and european style haircut.

Bob Cut

This hairstyle has gone through numerous transformations but still kept its traditional look. Women in Europe like to wear bob cut because it’s perfect haircut for any occasion. Whether you are going to work, or you are attending a formal event, bob cut is an excellent choice for you.

Loose and messy undo

This hairstyle is quite popular nowadays. It can go with a maxi or prom dress, and when paired with cat-eye makeup, it gives you a classy and sophisticated appearance. Even though it’s more of a party hairstyle; you can quickly reverse it and head straight to work.

Short pixie

One of the most natural hairstyles, short pixie gives any person a younger look. Any women can wear pixie, regardless of face shape or hair structure.

Long ponytail

A ponytail is fashionable in various cultures, and it’s also a massive trend for the upcoming year. It can be styled formally, or you can pull it on one side of the head to make it look casual.

Jasmin ponytail style

Are you a fan of Aladin? Do you love Jasmine hairstyle? If you do, then this ponytail is a significant trend for this year. It will give you volume, length and complement your figure.

Long open hair

Tussled, long and wavy hair never goes out of fashion. People in Europe like to wash-and-go. It’s easy to style, casual and you can even wear it at work.

Twisted braid

Women who have round and angular faces of all shades of hair can pull out this haircut. It will give you a gorgeous look, and you will look bold, sophisticated and beautiful.

High ponytail

Whether it’s straight or wavy, a high ponytail can deliver a powerful statement and it a promising style of 2019. When the summer comes, this is one of the most natural hairstyles you can wear. It is comforting and easy to fix.